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NHCC Web/Blog Policy


The Newport Hills Community Club blog is published under the direction of the Board of Directors to keep the community informed of news, events and other items of interest which are relevant to the community and its membership. It communicates club and board activities and also provides alerts to interested community members via various email lists.

(1) Web Site URL Address

The URL for the Newport Hills Community Club web site is The site can also be reached via

DreamHost maintains the host server and NetworkSolutions holds the domain name license.  The Newport Hills Community Club pays fees for these services from the general fund.

(2) Editorial and Content Policies

The board has responsibility for the content of the web site. The webmaster has responsibility for operation and design of the web site.  Responsibility for content is held by Board Members and Chairs. The webmaster shall be appointed by the club president, subject to approval by the board.  Only the webmaster, his/her backup, and current Board Members and Chairs are authorized to make changes to the NHCC blog.  Contact the webmaster at .

  • The content of the newsletter (also referred to as the “Newport Hills Community Club Newsletter”), will be converted to electronic form (currently PDF format) and linked on the web site. The webmaster will work with the newsletter editor to accomplish this. Newsletters will remain archived on the site.
  • The Home page of the web site contain recent information posted by current Board Members and Chairs.
  • The Welcome page of the web site will announce the particulars of the next community meeting.
  • A listing of the club officers and trustees will be on the web site.
  • The text of the club’s bylaws and policies will be on the web site.
  • The web site will not “take a position” on any issue unless the membership, via the means set down in the bylaws, has taken such a position.  The webmaster shall strive for a neutral position in presenting both news and the opinions of others. The webmaster shall not offer personal opinions on submitted material. Invited contributions may be published in the newsletter.
  • Feedback from club members will be encouraged to improve the accuracy, quality and usefulness of the site.
  • The newsletter will publish the URL address of the web site in each issue.

(3) Advertising Policies

Until a web site advertising policy is developed by the board, advertisements will not be permitted on the web site. Advertisements published in the newsletter will only be found in the PDF format linked and archived on the web site.

(4) E-mail Policies

In order to protect against unsolicited e-mail, e-mail addresses of club members will not be published on the site without permission of their owners. Officers, trustees, appointees and committee members will receive generic addresses at (such as,, etc.) that will forward in turn to their respective e-mail accounts. As the e-mail addresses of the persons holding these positions change over time, so will the forwarding addresses.  These generic addresses will be published on the web site.

(5) Mailing List Policies

The webmaster shall create a system for creating and managing e-mail distribution lists (also known as mailing lists) for announcements. Membership in any mailing list is always voluntary; every list member will have the option of being removed from a list at any time. The creator of the list (the webmaster) will be the initial administrator of the list, though this responsibility may be passed to another Board Trustee.  

(6) Privacy Policies

This web site does not automatically gather any personal information from you, such as your name, phone number, email or address. This information is only obtained if you supply it voluntarily through contacting us via email or online forms. The information you voluntarily provide to the Newport Hills Community Club web site or to the various club related email addresses will be used only for the purpose that you have requested and subject to the law. The information you provide to this site email addresses will be disclosed to members of the NHCC Board of Directors should a need arise.

NHCC will not sell, lease or otherwise distribute or disclose a club members name, e-mail address, postal address, telephone number, or other personal information for non-club purposes or to outside parties unless required by law.

Adopted by the NHCC Board of Directors on October 16, 2007

(last update: January 21, 2010)


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