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Newport Hills is fortunate to have among its businesses the Newport Hills Chevron located

at 5804 119th Ave. S.E. The current owner is Barry Heimbinger, whose father Alvin (better known as “Corky”) bought the station in 1980; Barry took over ownership in 2005. The family has a long tradition of auto service as Corky’s father trained Corky in the business over 50 years ago.

Barry’s son Cameron has attended auto mechanics school and is now working at the station. Brett Monahan is the current Newport Hills Chevron manager.

The Heimbingers love what they do, even though it can mean, as Corky recalls, getting up at 3 a.m. and working 16 hours. “Newport Hills has been good to us. The people here are great. It’s a friendly, active community.”

Barry remembers that full service at the pumps ended in 1987. He and his dad also recall a time in the past when an after-hours customer drove off with the gas pump nozzle still in the car. This bit of forgetfulness, unfortunately, managed to pull over the gas pump. (Good news – these days a nozzle breaks free if a person forgets to remove it and drives away.)

The number of cars parked west of the Newport Hills Chevron serves as testimony to the respect people have for the Newport Hills Chevron’ s skilled mechanics, customer service, and reasonable prices.

Hats off to the 4 generations of the Heimbinger family who have kept our cars running smoothly and who have contributed to our great quality of life in Newport Hills.

(Interviewed by Karen Yellman)