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Short Plat Petition

In May a short plat (dividing a residential lot) was proposed for a property in the 12500 block of SE 52nd St. in Newport Hills. Residents in the surrounding area raised various concerns. The NHCC Board was asked to support the petition to the City of Bellevue. The board discussed this issue and decided it is a matter of concern for the entire Newport Hills community as there are other parcels in the neighborhood with potential for short platting. The board has drafted a letter to the City of Bellevue to express opposition to the short plat based on the fact the property has covenants that prohibit creating short plats, city tree code, and negative impact to the neighborhood character and quality of life. 

The 184 paid members (households) were asked to vote on whether to support the petition or not by July 7. The results were overwhelmingly supportive of the petition (Yes: 74, No: 1). The board has sent the letter to the City officials on Friday, July 8.

Seattle in Progress is a useful tool to find out what kind of construction projects are proposed in our neighborhood.