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Ann Brashear

Past President

I’ve lived in Newport Hills a total of 32 years, and I plan to stay for the rest of her life. I was born in Los Angeles and moved to Newport Hills with my family in 1964. I attended Bellevue Public Schools, including Newport High School (class of 1974). After graduating from UW, I moved to Germany to join my fiancé, who was part of the Frankfurt Branch Office of the US GAO. We later returned to the US and settled in Arlington, Virginia. I got my law degree and spent 18 years practicing with the Washington D.C. office of a large law firm, specializing mostly in municipal finance (tax-exempt bonds) for 501(c)(3) organizations and the District of Columbia, and also had two children. When my husband retired from GAO we moved our family here to Newport Hills, buying the house next door to the house where my mother still lived. I got involved with the community club in 2013, inspired by that year’s fight to prevent the shopping center property being rezoned and filled in with townhouses.

Growing up in Newport Hills during the Baby Boom was great – I had friends and classmates all up, down and around our block. We loved walking and biking all over the neighborhood and hanging out at the shopping center. When I got to high school and college, though, I decided that Newport Hills was boring, and that when I was an adult I would live someplace cool, like Fremont or West Seattle. Come to be an actual grown-up and I now so appreciate what we have here. It’s safe, the public schools are great, most blocks are full of friendly, connected neighbors, and the commercial district, the swim club and the community church give our neighborhood a center of gravity – a “third place” – that most neighborhoods I’ve seen don’t have. That makes our neighborhood special, and worth working for – even fighting for, when necessary.