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Board of Directors

President Heidi Dean
Vice President Kazuki Sawanoi
Secretary Vacant
Treasurer Vacant
Past President Ann Brashear

Committee Chairs and Assistants

Membership:  Open
Newsletter Editor:  Ann Brashear
Website: Kazuki Sawanoi
Shopping Center Revitalization:  Heidi Dean
Public Safety:  Open
Spring Egg Hunt: Heidi Dean
Santa Tour:  Tammy Wallace, Heidi Dean
Parks: Open
Volunteer Appreciation:  Open
Government Liaison:  Open
City of Bellevue:  Mark Heilman
Audit:  As needed
Nominating:  As needed

The Role of Trustee Trustees

Article IV, Section 5. Trustees shall serve their respective Areas by attending General Membership meetings at least once per quarter, serve as a conduit of information from the Board of Directors to their assigned area and vice versa. Using the Board-approved template, trustees may collect email addresses and phone numbers of residents in their area and other NH residents known to the Trustee.  This information will be used to keep the neighbors informed on issues of concern to the community and to encourage membership.  They may also recruit “Block Captains” to help with these duties.

Wondering what area you live in?  Click on the map to see a larger image of the Newport Hills Boundaries and Trustee Areas:

NHCC Boundary and Trustee Areas
Area Name
1 Open
2 Karen Yellman
3 Open
4 Open
5 Open
6 Open
7 Open
8 Open
9 Jennifer Johnson
10 Open
11 Deneen Blake
12 Open
13 Open
14 Open
15 David Underbrink
16 Open
17 Open
18 Aaron Jensen
19 Sarah Roubinet
20 Open
21 Open
22 Riley Wolff
23 Open
24 Open
25 Open


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