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The Newport Hills Community Club is a volunteer neighborhood organization that serves its membership by publishing news and information, by acting as a forum for issues that pertain to our area, by supporting and taking positive action towards community improvements and promoting regular social events throughout the year for all residents who receive the Club’s newsletter.

Statement of Objectives:

1.  To publish a newsletter and maintain a website for distributing news and other information that may be useful and/or interesting to our membership.

2.  To provide a forum for discussing and expressing opinions about issues that may challenge the positive aspects of living in this area for individuals and/or for the area as a whole.

3.  To help our individual members find the most effective way(s) to act and/or react to issues that challenge their individual quality of life, especially when an issue arises that may improve the quality of life for some residents at the expense of others.

4.  To be involved with local schools, churches, police and fire departments, city government, and businesses to monitor and report information about education, youth activities, crime, fire prevention, disaster preparedness, parks, streets, sidewalks, utilities, land use, park activities and commerce within our area.

5.  To promote social activities by sponsoring community events such as but not limited to:

  • The Spring Egg Hunt
  • The Santa Tour

Other elements related to the Community Club are:


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